Safety&Health Management System

Article 36 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (Risk Assessment)
  • Article 36 (Risk Assessment)
    • The employer shall identify harmful and dangerous factors caused by construction, machinery, equipment, facilities, raw materials, gas, steam, dust, workers' work behavior or other work, and evaluate whether the magnitude of the risk that may lead to injury and disease is within the acceptable range, and shall take measures under the orders of this Act and this Act according to the results, and take additional measures if necessary to prevent risks or health hazards to workers.
    • When conducting an evaluation under paragraph (1), an employer must invite workers from the relevant workplace to participate as notified by the Minister of Employment and Labor.
    • An employer shall record and preserve the results of the evaluation and measures taken under paragraph (1) as prescribed by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Employment and Labor.
    • The method, procedure and timing of evaluation under paragraph (1), and other necessary matters shall be determined and announced by the Minister of Employment and Labor.
Ministry of Employment and Labor Notice No. 2023-19
「Guidelines on Risk Assessment at Workplace」
  • Chapter 1: General Provisions (Articles 1 to 4)
  • Chapter 2: Workplace Risk Assessment (Articles 5 to 15)
  • Chapter 3: Recognition of risk assessment (Articles 16 to 25)
  • Chapter 4: Promotion of support projects, etc. (Articles 26 to 28)