CEO Message

Our products have the best quality and durability based on numerous technologies that were accumulated through
the company’s long experience and mass production process. We also prioritize customer satisfaction.

Thank to customers, visit the website of the DAE-A Industrial

DAE-A is a manufacturer of automotive plastic-extruded products, such as fuel tube, protector tube (CORRUGATED TUBE, PVC TUBE), armoring tube, etc. We have been contributing to securing international competitiveness by further developing the automobile industry in Korea, and we continue to grow by manufacturing new products through our own research and development efforts.

We aim to continue as a company trusted by customers by manufacturing and supplying the best products as well as by working in harmony with the entire staff. The company’s vision is to make our society better through customer satisfaction.

We will continue to research and develop in order to produce competitive products and make great efforts to become a trusted company.

We humbly ask for your continuous support and interest

Thank you.