Our products have the best quality and durability based on numerous technologies that were accumulated through
the company’s long experience and mass production process. We also prioritize customer satisfaction.

Global Leader DAE-A Industrial

DAE-A Industrial history

Foundation stage 1979 ~ 1983

1979년 Established DAE-A Industrial Co., Ltd.

1982년 Manufactured automobile PVC tubes

1983년 Moved its factory to the 3rd industrial complex

Growth stage 1984 ~ 2006

1986년 Manufactured automobile corrugated tubes

1996년 Manufactured nylon corrugated tubes

1997년 Moved its factory to the Seongseo 3rd industrial complex

1998년 Manufactured flame retardant corrugated tubes

2000년 Manufactured vacuum 5¢corrugated tubes

2001년 Manufactured armoring tubes

2003년 Acquired the QS 9000 certificate

2005년 IAcquired the ISO 9001 certificate

2006년 IAcquired the ISO 14001 certificate / Changed the company name to DAE-A Industrial Co., Ltd.

Take-off stage 2006 ~ 2013

2008년 Acquired the TS 16949 certificate

2009년 Manufactured fuel tubes

2013년 Acquired the SQ certificate [Injection]

2015년 Extended the factory 2 DAE-A Tube (Seongseo 5th industrial complex) / Introduced the Multi 6 Layer facilities